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Texas Electricity Savings:

  Texas business owners have the opportunity to save up to 20% on their monthly electricity bill

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  Home owners in Texas can also take advantage of Texas deregulation

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Questions About Texas Electricity

Q: Will I receive a rate reduction?
A: In Jan. 1, 2002, your electric rates were lowered to the "Price to Beat." The possibility exists for lower electric prices under Electric Choice. Energy providers in Texas have combined into a free market that does now allow you to receive the best possible rate.

Q: Will my bill look different with Electric Choice?
A: Yes. Your Retail Electric Provider will be responsible for customer service functions such as billing. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) has established rules requiring Retail Electric Providers to provide you with a bill that is easy to read. For example, your bill will be issued monthly, you will receive a paper bill via U.S. Mail, and you have the choice of receiving your bill electronically, if both you and your Retail Electric Provider agree.

Q: Will my bill be itemized?
A: It is up to Retail Electric Providers to design their bills. How they decide to itemize charges is up to them.

Q: Whom do I call with a billing question?
A: You should contact your Retail Electric Provider.

Q: How are billing disputes resolved?
A: Billing disputes should be directed to your Retail Electric Provider. If disputes cannot be resolved, please contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas customer hotline toll-free at 1-888-PUC-TIPS (1-888-782-8477).

Q: What portion of the bill am I shopping for?
A: The portion you are shopping for is the total price per kilowatt-hour (kWh), which will help you compare offers from Retail Electric Providers. Each Retail Electric Provider must provide an "Electricity Fact Label," which is designed to show the cost of electricity at various levels of consumption, taking into account all of the costs of producing and delivering electricity. It will probably be easier for you to compare offers from different Retail Electric Providers by looking at the total charges in the Electricity Facts Label. Enter your ZIP code in the "Compare Offers" box at the top of this page to view Electricity Facts Labels on the web. Or simply contact each provider you are interested in and request a copy of their Electricity Facts Label to compare offers and determine which is best for your family.

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